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Patriot Travel Medical Insurance

International travels can become the worst nightmare of your life, if it isn't properly secured with a medical insurance. You have enough to worry while travelling and you ought to. No one can foresee the unexpected mishaps, but one can surely remain prepared for it. Therefore to sustain the excitement of a journey it is mandatory to opt for a travel medical insurance.

For those individuals and families who frequently travel outside their home country for vacation or business, here's a short term medical travel insurance to secure your journey. Even the students, job seekers and other immigrants who move to other countries for a definite purpose can also benefit from this insurance policy.

Patriot Go Travel Medical Insurance is short term travel insurance applicable to individuals and families for both US and non US citizens.

You can initially purchase it for 1 month and can later on renew it up to 2 years. Apart from medical benefits, we also cover missed flights, luggage and travel delay within our insurance plan.

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